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2021 - present

UX/UI Design
for C'est la Vie Campers

 C'est la Vie Campers has asked me to make the redesigns of the corporate identity in 2016. Since 2016 I regularly do assignments for them in the field of Graphic Design and recently also the Redesign of the website. 

Click here if you want to read more about my Graphic Assignments for C'est la Vie Campers!

Redesign of the
C'est la Vie Campers website

I am currently redesigning the new C'est la Vie Campers website. In collaboration with Danny from (website and software development), we are building a new experience for the website, which better matches the image of C'est la Vie Campers.

I am responsible for the UX/UI of the new website. Danny realizes the website and the new software for de customer environment but also the system behind the reservations and de content on the website so that we can edit the website at any time.

We are also working together on a new customer environment that was very old and no longer user-friendly. The final customer environment has become a dashboard with various useful functions. The customer environment has been tested with renter motorhomes and buyers. The different results of the study have created two different environments, one for tenants and one for buyers.

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home 1.png

I've been working at C'est la Vie Campers for a year and I think it's a nice collaboration with Nuray

Yentl vR.

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