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UX Research & UX Design
for PupSo IOS App

Problem statement assignment: During the corona crisis, uncertainty increased in all areas and the rules and laws for animal welfare were slowly wiped out for (potential) dog owners. Puppies cannot go to courses or training, which is very important for their socialization (within a family). Many people do not have the space, materials and knowledge at home to socialize a dog properly.

I was personally convinced of this problem. Because I also had a puppy during the crisis, with which I wanted to train a lot.

'How can I ensure that people can socialize

their dog well from home?'

For this project I worked in three different sprints, subdivided into the triple diamond design thinking method.


Sprint 1: Discover and research phase.

Sprint 2: Ideate phase

Sprint 3: Implementation phase.

What I want to achieve is that people can socialize their dogs from home or another location in a good and fun way. With the associated aspects, with that they get used to certain environments, strange people, children and other animals. I want this concept to be applicable from different possible locations that a person has at his / her disposal at the time, while still giving the dog sufficient attention, movement and training. With this I want to solve the problem which is now, and that the welfare of the animal should not be forgotten. The dog always has the same needs in spite of the situation. A puppy depends on the care of a human.​


I worked on this project for 10 weeks. I divided this into two design sprints. The first sprint I focused on research, what is the need from the target group and the dogs themselves. Then I started generating ideas. I had these validated by professionals from the field. In sprint two I chose a final concept. In the meantime, I have tested this concept several times on experience and functionality among users and professionals.


Wishes of the owners and their dogs what was desired. I realized these wishes within PupSo. 

The focus of PupSo is on the bond between the dog and the owner

Progress and growth opportunities are based on dog species, as this is very important to take into account

With PupSo you can get feedback from others and share experiences with each other to learn from this

With PupSo you can also get feedback from professionals to get you assessed correctly

PupSo gives you the opportunity and to meet with other PupSo users, who also have young dogs

PupSo complements and supports the socialisation process

PupSo is informative for owners, providing valuable information about puppies and dogs in general, but also about your type of dog

PupSo is rewarding for your dog, but also for the owner, because you can save for discounts and gifts. You can continue to grow with PupSo, so that you can become an ambassador for your location and give official feedback together with the professionals

The value of PupSo

PupSo addresses the pain points experienced during the current situation. It addresses all the design guidelines I had prepared.


The impact of the PupSo is that I help dog owners and support their puppy's socialisation process. I indirectly took the dog as a target group.


I mentioned earlier that interacting with your dog during the socialization phase determines your dog's freedom in the future.


PupSo has no negative impact on physical courses or training, because I involve professionals and link them to PupSo.


PupSo focuses on the socialisation of puppies and not specifically on training or learning commands.

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