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About me and about my work

I like to learn from other people, but I also like to help other people from my knowledge and field.

I am an Experience Designer dedicated to optiming both digital and physical user experiences. I thrive by tackling complex challenges, from refining user targeting and optimizing conversions to streamlining workflows and fostering innovation. My design philosophy places a strong emphasis on accessibility, user-friendliness, and functionality.


Together, we'll transform your ideas into designs that resonate, inspire, and leave a lasting impact. Welcome my world where imagination meets innovation.

Welcome to my blood sweat and design portfolio.

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I firmly believe in putting the user at the forefront of any product, as they ultimately determine its success.

I am a Full Service Digital Designer

Put the user at the forefront of any product,
as they ultimately determine its success.

UI Design & Visual

I find my work important because the user is central and I can focus on how design appears to users, both functionally and visually. My work not only contributes to an improved user experience, but also to visual appeal and as I always say; Visual user experience.

Expert Review

I can evaluate your digital product based on design and business principles and provide an analysis with suggested next steps

Scrum / Agile / KanBan

Agile and Scrum principles can be applied to the design process to improve collaboration, flexibility, and the delivery of valuable, user-centered design solutions. Especially for evolving projects that require close cross-functional teamwork. I am Experienced with Jira, Trello and other KanBan methods.

UX Design

I solve complex challenges for digital an physical services. My design philosophy: accessibility, user-friendliness, usability, and functionality

Native App Design

Creating user interfaces and experiences that seamlessly blend with the specific platform's (IOS & Android) look and feel, optimizing performance, and delivering an intuitive experience for users.

Full stack Design

For smaller businesses, I can create a brand identity, including logo and branding, handle DTP work, product photography and build a small user-friendly website using WIX or Wordpress/Elementor

Design Systems

Design system management creates and maintains design guidelines and components to ensure consistency, saving time within a organization and ensures that users have a cohesive experience across different touchpoints

UX Consultant

UX issues frequently overlap with business challenges. We can consult on these matters, to investigate the problem and explore potential solutions

UX Research

I can research and analyze user interactions to improve product design, functionality, and user satisfaction using methods like interviews, surveys, usability testing, and data analysis to inform decision-making in the design and development process.

Freelance UX/UI Design

Since 2 years, I've been running my own freelance UX/UI Design business and recently collaborated with Make it Max, a UX agency, where I had a 2 year assignment for Godaddy, Afternic and

As an Experience Designer, my primary focus is enhancing digital and physical user experiences.


I solve complex practical challenges, whether they involve targeting user groups, increasing conversion rates, optimizing internal workflows, or generating fresh ideas for the company. 

Freelance Graphic Design

I've been freelancing in Graphic Design for 8 years now, offering a creative break from my digital work. It allows me to refine my visual design skills, bringing an artistic touch to visual and print solutions.

With expertise in various aspects of graphic design, including Media Design, multimedia specialization, DTP and print work, illustrations, image editing, Media Design and WebDesign.

Freelance Photography

Alongside my design expertise,

I'm also passionate about photography. What began as a hobby has grown into a more professional pursuit.


I offer photoshoots by request and in my free time, I cover various photoshoot occasions like couples, pregnancy, business, dog photoshoots, portraits, and family portraits.

I've also been working as a Freelance Product and Interior Photographer for almost 2 years now for C'est la Vie Campers, capturing newly built vans.

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I think that as a designer you form the bridge between people, nature, the technology and the world.

¹ I believe that as an experience designer I am the bridge between people, nature and new technology.

² I think that as an experience designer you should always put the well-being of the target group above a sum of money.

³ I think that as an experience designer you should always keep in mind that you always design inclusively.

⁴ I believe that as an experience designer you bear the responsibility for what you bring into the world

I'm also okay with Freelance or Interim opportunities. Why could hiring a Freelancer be beneficial to you? 

Is the prospect of working with a freelancer a bit uncertain? That's perfectly natural. Before diving in, it's important to ensure we can establish a mutually beneficial commitment. Consider the following advantages of collaborating with a freelance or interim UX designer:

  1. Adaptability: Freelancers can join your design team when you need extra help for a project.

  2. Budget Efficiency: Costs are tied to the actual completed work, which saves you money compared to hiring full-time employees

  3. Specialized and broader Skills: Freelancers often possess unique proficiencies suited to specific tasks or projects. 

  4. Short-Term Commitment: There's no binding long-term obligation, allowing easy adjustment to evolving project demands.

  5. Simplified HR: You're exempt from managing HR-related responsibilities such as payroll, benefits, and employment paperwork.

  6. Fresh Perspective: Freelancers frequently bring interesting insights and innovation, shaped by their diverse clients, assignments and industries.

  7. Streamlined Collaboration: Proficient freelancers seamlessly integrate into diverse teams, accustomed to adapting to different work environments.

  8. Scalability: You can readily adjust the size of your design team to align with shifting project requirements.

  9. No Office Space needs: Remote/Hybrid work by freelancers eliminates the necessity for extra office space or equipment. For international work it also saves costs, making it a practical and efficient choice for global design projects. It opens the door to a diverse pool of international designers that have worked on International projects. Remote work eliminates physical boundaries, allowing for the delivery of high-quality work regardless of location

  10. Broad Project Expertise: Typically, freelancers possess experience across a spectrum of projects, allowing them to apply lessons from past work, to your project. Their varied backgrounds empower freelancers to contribute a diverse range of skills and experiences to your project.

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