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My Designers Manifest

Before i created this manifest in 2020, I did almost 10 weeks of research to myself. I have researched what I think as a designer of ethical issues and dilemmas. How I feel about it and what I want to stand for. After 10 weeks I started to draw a conclusion based on this research into myself. Below you can read what I stand for as a Designer.

Firmness & security (safety)

I think that as a designer you bear the responsibility for what you bring into the world.

I don't think as a designer you shouldn't abuse the power to make a user see the world differently, or force them to see how I want them to see the world. As a designer you have to create an environment, service or system that is safe for everyone. You have to realize well about whose life you influence as a designer. I believe that, per implementation of technology, careful thought must be given to whether it is beneficial for the people concerned and society. That is why it is important that you carefully assess the short and long-term effects.

Acceptance and appreciation (respect)
I think that as a designer you want the wellbeing of your target group, at all times above every one must set money.

As a designer, I feel responsible for providing transparency to the target group, because otherwise you would take advantage of their ignorance. You have a certain responsibility and influence that you contribute to society, which you should not abuse. As a designer, you will always have to find an ethically sound solution. Even if you have to design for a real dilemma. As long as you don't harm others with your design, or limit them in their freedom. Another is called for respect for other people's privacy. That is why I will always defend the freedom of the target group.

Universalism & Neutrality (Responsibility)
I think that as a designer you should always take into account that you are always inclusive designs.

There are often more people involved in your product than you initially expected. This means that you do not exclude people if you know that they use your service or product. This also means that I design for everyone, regardless of origin, culture, society or age, taking into account the time in which we live. If I had to design something on a large scale, it would also differ per culture or country how it was received. For this I will always be neutral or at least have to be able to look. If you want to create a well-functioning product, you not only need research, it takes a lot of time, energy and empathy to create a balanced product. That is why it is so important to involve the target group. They then feel involved, feel that they have influence. You give them confidence and transparency.

Trust & Benevolence (transparency)
I think that as a designer you form the bridge between people, nature, technology and the world.

You design because you want to make the world a place where everyone will feel better. As a designer you know what technologies you work with, I think you should always protect your target audience and stand up for their freedom. As a designer, I have to ensure that reality always remains visible.

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