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TEDX Singularity
The Immortal Society
2020 - result: 8

Creating a future scenario with Singularity from the perspective of an Immortal Society.


For the minor degree in Human Nature and Technology I made this TEDx for the part Singularity. Hereby my presentation and rationale of TEDx, sketching the future scenario of immortal people in society in 2060 (Dr. Ian Pearson). In 2060, an extended life or a immortal life will become accessible to the western world, but for the richer and more powerful people this will be much be earlier. The Singularity will take place in 2045 when the rich people, powerful or influential people are the first for who this technology becomes available (Dr. Ian Pearson). As soon as these people go on an extended or immortal life suffering, there is a huge impact on nature and society. The world will change drastically, there would be a major contrasts arise in various social and environmental factors.

Click here to read my Rationale (Dutch)
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