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UX Design

This page contains freelance work that I have done, also my graduation project and older school assignments that I have enjoyed working on, learned a lot about and would like to share.

Being the bridge between the people and technology


2021 - present

UX/UI Design
for C'est la Vie Campers

C'est la Vie Campers has been building the C'est la Vie bus camper completely to measure for over 10 years and they also rent out Special Bus Campers for unique camper holidays. I made the design for the new website of New C'est la Vie Campers and a customer dashboard for customers who can manage their construction camper and for camper renters who can manage their reservations.


UX Research & UX Design
for Omoda HQ

Omoda has grown into a large and successful retail company that started with only selling shoes and accessories, but now also sells clothing in online and in physical stores. For the Omoda HQ I developed a tool with the basic aim of inspiring the customer. I have worked out this project in several sprints from UX research to Prototyping and testing. At Omoda I worked in the commerce department for this project. This project was my graduation project and thesis defense.

iPhone 12 Mockup_edited.jpg



During the corona crisis, uncertainty increased in all areas and the rules and laws for animal welfare were slowly wiped out for (potential) dog owners. Puppies cannot go to courses or training, which is very important for their socialization (within a family). Many people do not have the space, materials and knowledge at home to socialize a dog properly.

I was personally convinced of this problem. Because I also had a puppy right before and during the crisis. PupSo eventually became an application which I worked on for 10 weeks.

UX Research & UX Design
for PupSo (school project)


UX/UI Design
Blooming App (Minor project)

At the start of the Minor Human, Nature and Technology, we were given the task of choosing a social challenge and then devising a solution for it. We chose the domain: daily life with the subject, Privacy & Smart Cities. 


With the help of Blooming we want to ensure that mainly 12-18 year olds who suffer from bullying can go to an app where they learn to deal with certain situations in an interactive way. In addition, the app is also accessible to parents and teachers



Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 11.19_edited.jpg

UX Research & Interaction Design
Politie Rotterdam Fijenoord

Rotterdam police department (Feijenoord) had approached the University of Applied Sciences to solve one problem.​ 'How can we ensure that the Rotterdam Police always drive in a controlled, safe and legally reliable vehicle?'

Together with my team I have improved the control proces of the service vehicle (Volkswagen transporter). With this application, is ensured that the vehicles are safe and reliable, enabling agents to take to the streets responsibly. This application didn't finish with a visual design, I made a prototype from wireframes.


UX Research & UX Design
Algemeen Dagblad (school project)

At school I am working on a project for AD Rotterdam (newspaper) with my classmates. The wish from AD was, to get the youth back to reading the news again. Our concept idea was to realize the 'Harry Potter' newspaper. We made the newspaper interactive with AR by using Layar and Google Lens for our prototype.

Notebook and Keyboard

From 2017 - 2019

UX Research & UX Design
For various school projects

For school I have done projects for several clients. Such as Woonstad Rotterdam, Municipality of Rotterdam and Paard The Hague. I have done UX Research assignments for this, Wireframing, Testing, Visual Designs, Prototyping and more user testing. These are fun projects for me to tell about, if you want to know more about them, feel free to ask, and I'll tell you about it.

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