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mockup prototype.jpg
Den haag

I had to make a prototype for an app I created in our second project.


This app had to be used in Paard Den Haag, as an easy extra service as soon as you get there. Almost similar to the service screens in the Mac Donalds.


I made the app in Sketch, it was the first time I worked with Sketch after I followed a course of 8 weeks in Sketch. It was more different than Illustrator than I thought it was haha.


I have made the app easy to use. The results about the target group showed that they don't want to spend too much time in the club searching the 'app' for food and drink and the checkout process. 


I chose to try working with Principle for the prototype because Adobe XD is a little limited when you talk about interaction aspects. The same for Invision, ( I worked with that before) but also limited and I wanted to try a new program. It was a challenge, but I have learned from it!

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