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Manifestation Hyperreality
2020 - result: 8

For the minor degree in Human, Nature and Technology I made this free expression for the part Hyperreality. In this assignment I will paint a picture in which I show what is different from the reality when you look at conspiracy theorists and conspiracy theories. In my experience, conspiracy thinking is not unhealthy, it sets encourages people to think about topics with common sense. This may strike some people, because own theories have become their reality and lifestyle. I chose this topic because I also think a lot about topics, looking for answers everywhere and with a critical look around me.


The search for answers fascinates and draws me. I find this very interesting topic and discover what reality means in the context of conspiracy theories at the moment letting someone guide their choices and life through this. It is human nature to seek answers and explanations for everything around him or her. I think conspiracy thinking is too often portrayed in a bad light and that there is more possible to better reflect the thinking of the conspiracy theorists than the conspiracy theories themselves.


'Manifestation: Conspiracy Theories as a New Reality'.

Click here to read my Manifestation (Dutch)
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