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UX Research & Interaction Design
Politie Rotterdam Fijenoord

Together with my team I have been given the assignment to improve the control of the service vehicle (Volkswagen transporter). It is our job to ensure that control becomes more efficient and that service vehicles are safe and reliable, enabling agents to take to the streets responsibly.


For this, the check must always be carried out (before every start of service). Nor should the check be skipped due to weather conditions, against purpose or emergencies. We intend to think of a way that the car can be checked effectively and faster, so that the bus is always provided with the right materials. The police themselves indicated that they would prefer to digitize this process, but we are free to deviate from this for a possible better solution.

'How can we ensure that the Rotterdam Police always drive in a controlled, safe and legally reliable vehicle?

For this project I worked in three different sprints, subdivided into the triple diamond design thinking method.


Sprint 1: Discover and research phase.

Sprint 2: Ideate phase

Sprint 3: Implementation phase.

As a team we have done a lot of research into the needs of the users and what their working day looks like. To find out what can be put to good use.


We made a smart sensor concept in combination with an application. For the smart sensors, the material bins must be redesigned.


By means of the smart detection sensors, the car itself measures in advance whether things are missing in the bus. For this, the agents can get these directly from logistics, even if they are called away at a briefing by a report. Via the application, they can also receive notifications and view remotely which material is not complete on the bus. In addition, they can choose to perform a manual check via the app.

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