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UX Research & UX Design
Algemeen Dagblad (school project)

This semester at school I am working on a project for AD Rotterdam with my classmate. The wish from AD was, to get the youth back to reading the news again.


Our concept idea was to realize the 'Harry Potter' newspaper. We liked to make the newspaper interactive with AR by using Layar and Google Lens for our prototype. 

Our target-group insights from the research was, that they think the news on the app is way to much personalised and not relevant for them. So that is why we decided to make the physical newspaper more popular by making that interactive an use popular technologies among the youth. The idea was born, to make the newspaper scannable by means of google lens, and not via a QR code.  Your phone's camera will scan the image. Who recognises through AI which link, which article belongs to it. If you then scan them, an image will open, for example, with an accompanying video or an additional addition to the article. Such as the actual letter to the king (which is normally just in the newspaper) Or, for example, a video of the best goals of that football club that evening.

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 11.29.02.png

Advantages of this concept

1. Determine your "personalization" yourself. Wherever you go where articles from the AD can be found, such as on digital signs on the road or the paper newspaper itself, you can scan with your camera of your device. In this way, the target group itself determines what they read instead of AD.

2. No longer unworldly. For young people, the news is "negative", so they don't follow it at all anymore. So now they decide for themselves what they consume. Now they don't have to become unworldly. This all adds to your general knowledge.

3. The newspaper is old-fashioned. Reading the newspaper is generally "old-fashioned" for young people. Now you combine it in a hyper modern module with AR.

4. Wide range. You not only hit the target group 15-25 but also older target groups and even younger target groups because it can be used everywhere.

5. Very easy to use. Even for an older target group, this is easy to use because you don't have to download anything extra. Articles can be scanned via the camera of your device.

6. Create awareness. This target audience likes excitement, excitement and something unique.

7. Attractive "cheaper". It is cheaper for the target group because they do not have to purchase a subscription now, where they also have to consume news that does not interest them.

8. Limitid edition. The target group likes new things on the market, and it doesn't exist yet. WINWIN for AD and the target audience.

9. More users. Visibility and word of mouth increase due to such an authentic concept.

10. Experience more, read less. The target group does not like to read pieces of text, now you can create more experience for important news instead of just reading text.

11. Floor. The newspaper provides depth where social media stops. Social media newsreaders like to read only the headlines (short tension arc). From which an opinion is already formed. Before they click and decide to read on.


12. Prevent reading of Gen. Z & Millennials. Now is the time to make changes. This generation has not yet completely turned its back on the newspaper.

Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 19.01.37.png
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