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Group project of my Minor Degree

in Human, Nature and Technology in 2020 

At the start of the Minor Human, Nature and Technology, we were given the task of choosing a social challenge and then devising a solution for it. We chose the domain: daily life with the subject, Privacy & Smart Cities. During the research phase, we noticed that the domain of daily life was very broad, so we decided to delve further into cybercrime within the daily life of Smart Cities and to what extent privacy plays a role in this.

Blooming the application

Using different research methods and the feedback received, we found out during the process that our topic was still too broad, so we decided once again to change our research. In the end, we opted for bullying in general, targeting secondary school students between the ages of 12-18. After we finally took the plunge, our process gained momentum. With the help of various studies, methods and extensive testing, we have been able to develop a design prototype called Blooming.

With the help of Blooming we want to ensure that mainly 12-18 year olds who suffer from bullying can go to an app where they learn to deal with certain situations in an interactive way. In addition, the app is also accessible to parents and teachers

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