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About me and about my work

In my work I am someone who is always eager to learn and seeks challenges in learning new things. I can do that by doing my own research, but I also really appreciate feedback from others, to work on my development. I like to learn from other people, but I also like to help other people from my knowledge and field. I have seen in practice how many functions within different work areas go well together with an Experience Designer.


I am a communicative person, which leads to good and pleasant teamwork. You will get to know me as an enthusiastic and cheerful person. I am always open to ideas from others and view them in a positive way. I think in scenarios and I learn from the images and sounds I perceive. The most important thing in my work is to have fun.


Work experience

jan. 2022 - present

Independent contractor / freelancer

UX Design | Digital Design | UI Design | UX Research | Visual Design

Under temporary contract at Make it Max with current assignement for 

2016 - present

Freelance Graphic Designer
Graphic Design | DTP | Branding

Under temporary contract at C'est la Vie Campers

2010 - 2022

Side job at Market Plaza Burgh Haamstede
Retail store: Senior Assistant Sales


feb. 2021 - jul. 2021

Omoda HQ Zierikzee
UX Research | UX/UI Design
Type: Graduation internship and thesis defence

sep. 2019 - jan. 2020

Online Department Rotterdam
UX Research | Interaction Design | Visual Design

Type: 3rd year internship

jan. 2016 - okt. 2016

ISZO Visueel Zierikzee
Graphic Design | Branding | DTP
Type: Graduation internship (5 months) & 3rd year internship (5 months)


2017 - 2021

Higher professional education - Bachelor of Science

University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam
Course: Communication and Multimedia Design
Minor degree: Human, Nature and Technologies

UX Research | UX Design | Interaction Design | Visual Design

2013 - 2017

MBO Level 4 - Senior secondary vocational education

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Course: Multimedia Design
DTP | Branding | Graphic Design


Bachelor of Science (Bsc)
Propaedeuse Bachelor
MBO level 4 Diploma (Multimedia Design)

Pre-vocational secondary education

Graduated in 2021 

Graduated in 2019 

Graduated in 2017 

Graduated in 2013






Dutch - Native language (C2)

English - Advanced (B2)

UX Design | Digital Design | UI Design | UX Research | Visual Design | Prototyping | Graphic Design | DTP | Branding 


UX Tools




Adobe XD


InDesign Illustrator Photoshop Lightroom


Graphic Design &
UX/ UI Design

In 2017 I graduated as a Graphic Designer and in 2021 i graduated at the University of Applied Sciences for my Bachelor of Science. The course of my Bachelor degree was Communication and Multimedia Design. I started doing this Bachelor Degree Program because I wanted to grow as a (user centered) Designer. Because I think that the user should be the starting point of your product at all times. After all, they are the people who will determine the success of your product. 


For the past two years I have specialized in User Experience and User Interface Design, but because of my education I have extensive experience with UX Research and also Visual Design. 

As an Experience Designer I am continuously working to improve the digital and physical experiences of the target group, users or visitors. I have experience in solving complex practical issues from scratch. These can be target group-oriented issues, conversion-increasing issues, but also any internal issues about work processes or new additional ideas within the company. The principles of my design area are to develop appropriate and desired accessibility, user-friendliness, usability and functionality in my designs.

My experiences within the Research trajectory of User Experience lie in UX Research and Interaction Design. For example finding out the pain points and wishes of the customer or user. I can process these research results in customer journeys, archetypes, personas and many different expressions.


I always first make wireframes that I'll test first, to find out whether the wireframes match the wishes of the target group. Only after it is clear to me how a product works best, I will elaborate it visually and make a working prototype. I would then like to test this prototype again, in order to optimize the product optimally.



I have 6 years of freelance Graphic Designer experience. In the Graphic Industry I mainly did a lot of DTP work, Graphic Design and Concept Development. Within the industry I have extensive experience with various design software such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I find photography and videography very interesting, I see this mainly as a hobby. I also have experience with various protyping tools such as Invision, Figma and XD. With these tools I mainly work on developing applications and websites. I am always open to learn new tools!


For my previous study I did an internship of six months at a Graphic Design agency and my graduation internship also at a Graphic Design agency. In my current study I did an internship for half a year at a specialized UX company, where I became fully acquainted with the profession and worked for various clients. I also completed my graduation internship at a retail company, where I worked in the Marketing department within Commerce. Do you want to know more about this?

Read more at 


In my spare time I take courses on topics that interest me. For example, I followed a course in AI at the University of Helsinki, an AI course through the national AI course and a course in Social Psychology through Udemy.


In 2020 I followed a Minor in Human, Nature and Technology in which Ethics, Technology and Futurology played a major role. These are topics that I am increasingly involved with, because I know that this plays an important role in my position as Experience designer. I expect that my work in society and daily life will have a major impact in the future.

Since the beginning of 2022 I started my own business as a freelance UX Designer. Currently I work for Make it Max as a Freelance UX designer. Make it Max is a UX agency with very nice clients such as T-mobile, Tele 2, Hello Fresh,, Avrotros and I also have an assignment at C'est la Vie Campers, where I manage the website in the UX area. 



¹ I believe that as an experience designer I am the bridge between people, nature and new technology.

² I think that as an experience designer you should always put the well-being of the target group above a sum of money.

³ I think that as an experience designer you should always keep in mind that you always design inclusively.

⁴ I believe that as an experience designer you bear the responsibility for what you bring into the world

Read more in my manifesto:

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